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Braces Harlem
Braces Harlem

Among the types of braces offered here at Central Park North Orthodontics are traditional metal, clear ceramic, and Invisalign. Each person is different and your needs and preferences are unique to you. That’s why you are given a choice among our braces Harlem.

Metal braces have been a mainstay for many decades now. They are dependable and are useful for nearly any case of teeth straightening; even particularly stubborn or complicated ones. Over the years, many positive changes have been made to these braces to make them easier to wear and more aesthetically appealing, without reducing their effectiveness. It’s not unreasonable to say that they can be considered stylish. If you would like our braces Harlem to not be as obvious, well you can co with clear ceramic, or what are also called esthetic braces. They are constructed like metal braces, but the ceramic blends in better with your tooth color, and as a result of this, they are not as noticeable. For the ultimate in cosmetic advantage with our braces Harlem, though, nothing beats Invisalign. It’s made out of clear plastic, so the aligners you wear are essentially invisible. No one else will know you’re having orthodontic treatment, unless you want them to, of course. There are no nosy questions to answer, and no insensitive comments or jokes at your expense. Invisalign aligners are also removable. You take them out to eat, meaning you won’t have to be restricted from any foods like you would with metal or ceramic. And there are no adjustments needed. Come in every six weeks for a progress checkup. Otherwise, you just change from one aligner to the next after each two week period.

In order to make a decision about which type of braces Harlem are best for you, contact us today. We will book you for a convenient time to come in and have a consultation.

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