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Braces are no longer just one type fits all. Here at Central Park North Orthodontics, we are pleased to offer you three excellent options, each with benefits that you find to your liking. They include traditional metal braces, esthetic braces made out of ceramic, and Invisalign, the system of clear aligners.

Metal braces are familiar to many people. They’ve been around for a long time, and with good reason: they work. The old-fashioned ones were thick and clunky, and quite frankly were not very attractive. All that has changed, though. Our braces Upper West Side are streamlined, lightweight, and stylish. And they still do a marvelous job of realigning your teeth. They are fixed, which is to say that from the moment they are placed on your teeth, they stay there until your treatment is over. This can be a positive thing, especially if you don’t want the responsibility of taking them out and putting them back in. Esthetic ceramic braces are constructed very much like metal braces, with the only difference being the material they are made from. Ceramic is tooth-colored, and so it blends in very well to be far less obvious that you’re wearing braces. Ceramic can be a bit more brittle, though. Otherwise, the same pros and cons that apply to metal braces also apply to them. The third option among our braces Upper West Side is Invisalign. It’s different from the other two in every way except in how great it works. The aligners are invisible, meaning you will never have to feel self-conscious about them. They are also removable, so you can enjoy all your favorite foods during your treatment.

So, which of our braces Upper West Side sound like they’re best for you? Contact our office today and let us schedule you for a consultation and examination to find out for sure.

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