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Does your young son or daughter seem to experience trouble eating normally or speaking clearly? Believe it or not, these problems could be more than just behavioral. Difficulties in speech and chewing can often be the first recognizable symptoms of a malocclusion occurring in your child’s smile. Bite problems are more than just a cosmetic problem, but in fact work to promote tooth decay and even jaw disorders later in life. But with proper care your child can actually avoid a great deal of oral health problems from improper growth before they ever strike. A better smile starts with a visit to your local Central Park North orthodontist at the welcoming practice of the Central Park North Orthodontics for early treatment for young patients.

Adult Orthodontics Central Park North
Adult Orthodontics Central Park North

Many of us recall braces being problem that we ourselves or close friends faced during the early teenage years. However, the latest research has proven that bite problems can be treated far earlier in life to greatly benefit young smiles. Parents should begin to take their children to the dentist no later than three years of age, with their first visit to your professional Central Park North orthodontist occurring no later than seven years old. At this age, your doctor can work to examine your child’s mouth and determine whether or not a bite problem is present, and how to begin treatment as soon as possible in order to combat the issues. By starting treatment in this younger ages of life, your doctor actually saves your son or daughter from a great deal of trouble. The jaw and teeth at this age are far easier to adjust, allowing for braces to be used for even less than they would by delaying treatment until the teen years. Special orthodontic appliances are hand crafted for your child’s unique needs to allow for the eruption of any permanent teeth which have yet to grow into place. Not only does early treatment reduce your child’s time in brace, but this process also works to greatly lower the need for tooth extraction, as well lowering the risk of trauma from protruding front teeth, create more space for crowded teeth to grow into proper positions, as well as creating facial symmetry by working to create proper and healthy jaw growth.

For the very best in orthodontic care for patients of all ages, be sure to visit the experts at your neighborhood Central Park North orthodontist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the offices of the Central Park North Orthodontics have been proudly serve the smiles of your local community from our newly constructed offices with the latest in orthodontic technology and procedure. With early orthodontic treatment from Central Park North Orthodontics, your child can grow into a healthy and beautiful smile.

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