Cheap Braces in New York

Affordable braces in New York

Cheap braces in New York
Cheap braces in New York

It doesn’t have to cost a small fortune to get straighter teeth for yourself or for your child. Here at Central Park North Orthodontics, you can get cheap braces in New York, and a variety of choices to meet every need and preference. We’re pleased to offer traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces, and Invisalign, the system of clear aligners that gives you invisible braces that are comfortable and removable.

Metal braces are not the ones of the past. They are more lightweight and attractive. They can even be customized for the sake of individualizing them. And when it comes to cheap braces in New York, they may still be the best bargain around. Metal braces continue to do a magnificent job of moving teeth into a more ideal position. So if you were picturing a big, clunky monstrosity of criss-crossing wires and heavy brackets, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised. Esthetic braces mean ceramic instead of metal, because ceramic blends in so much better with the color of your teeth. They’re still visible, but not nearly as obvious. The construction of ceramic braces are similar to that of metal braces, so you know that their ability to reposition your teeth is reliable. For some people, the ultimate in advancements when it comes to cheap braces in New York is represented by Invisalign. They are made from clear plastic and do not feel or look anything like traditional braces. In fact, no one else can even see that you’re wearing them. They provide maximum comfort, and the flexibility to eat all of your favorite foods while undergoing treatment. Because you take out your aligner when you eat, there are no restrictions to observe.

So, which of our cheap braces in New York are the best option for you? There’s only one way to find out. Call our office and arrange a consultation.

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