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Early orthodontic treatment for children in Harlem

East Harlem Orthodontist
East Harlem Orthodontist

In general, when people tend to think of braces they often conjure up images of teenagers and young adults. Though braces are most commonly prescribed for this specific demographic, braces can help to correct the bites and straighten the smiles of children and adults as well. When it comes to early treatment for children, interceptive orthodontics can be implemented. Here at Central Park North Orthodontics can help. Our East Harlem orthodontist can help diagnose any bite issues that your child has and provide them with the care that they need.

When it comes to correcting bites and straightening smiles, orthodontic treatment is the method used. Orthodontics may include braces, retainers and other devices that can help guide teeth into a healthier formation that facilitates better dental health. Having a malocclusion or crooked teeth is not just a matter of cosmetic concern, but it can have a bearing on your dental health. A misaligned bite can create a significant amount of strain on your jaw as well as on your teeth. Orthodontic treatment aims to correct these issues by moving the teeth and their supporting structures into a healthier configuration. Our East Harlem orthodontist here at Central Park North Orthodontics can administer interceptive orthodontics to children if they show signs of having a severe malocclusion. Early treatment for children is often taken into effect if an orthodontist determines that the malocclusion will worsen if it is not treated as soon as possible. Since baby teeth act as placeholders for the permanent teeth that children will develop later on, serious bite problems can be diagnosed early on. Interceptive orthodontics aims to lessen the amount of work that may need to be done later or eliminate the need for it at all.

Having a bite problem can cause serious dental health issues that may require more intensive treatment or surgery later on. Interceptive orthodontics aims to make treatment easier when it comes to correcting bite problems and severely crooked teeth in children. If your child has a malocclusion or other dental health issue, then interceptive orthodontics can be implemented. Here at Central Park North Orthodontics our East Harlem orthodontist can examine your child’s dental health and help provide the treatment that they need in order to improve it.

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