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Harlem Braces
Harlem Braces

When people hear “braces” they often imagine brace-faced kids and teenagers, and despite the stereotype there is a reasonable explanation for the assumption. Braces may be best implemented in kids around this age range, but braces can be used to correct the bites and straighten the smiles of adults, too. Here at Central Park North Orthodontics our adult orthodontist can help you on your journey to a healthier and more symmetrical smile. Harlem braces can help you achieve the smile of your creams and correct any inherent bite or tooth formation issues that you may have.

The main goal of braces is to help realign bites and smiles in order to promote better overall dental health. A misaligned or uneven bite can put significant strain on your bite and on your teeth as well, causing a variety of different problems. Orthodontic procedures also yield cosmetically positive results as well, especially since straight teeth are considered a good thing to have. For the most part, teens are most often prescribed with braces because they have all of their permanent teeth but they are still growing, so guiding their teeth and their supporting bones is a much easier process. Adult orthodontics is still very much a possibility, however, and if you want Harlem braces then we here at Central Park North Orthodontics can help. When it comes to treating adult dental issues, orthodontic treatments may take longer but are still successful in meeting their goals. Because adults are already fully grown, it may take some extra work and extra time to help guide teeth into a healthier formation. Our orthodontist can examine your teeth and determine what may need to be done with your teeth in order to correct your specific issues. Each orthodontic treatment is completely unique and is designed to meet your specific needs.

If you happen to be an adult interested in braces, then there is no need to consider whether or not this treatment is appropriate for you. Call us here at Central Park North Orthodontics to schedule an evaluation with our resident orthodontist. From there, they can tell you what sort of dental work needs to be done and what type of Harlem braces may be the most effective for you.

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