Harlem Invisalign

Invisalign braces in Harlem

Harlem Invisalign
Harlem Invisalign
With Harlem Invisalign braces, you can get all the teeth repositioning benefits that you would get with metal braces, but with several very important advantages that traditional orthodontic treatment simply cannot offer. At Central Park North Orthodontics, it’s our priority to offer you the choices to get the results you want in the way that will make you feel most at ease and positive about the process.

The metal braces that you can get today are more lightweight and cosmetically appealing than ever before, but if you want to look as if you’re not wearing any braces at all, then the option you should go for is our Harlem Invisalign, which is a set of aligners that are all made out of clear plastic. When you put your aligners on, they are virtually invisible. No one knows you have them on unless you make the decision to tell them so. You won’t have any self-consciousness about smiling or laughing in front of other people as your teeth are being moved steadily into a more perfect state of alignment. Unlike metal braces, our Harlem Invisalign are also removable. Take them out to brush and floss so that you will have nothing in the way of your oral hygiene effectiveness. And take them out to eat. That’s right, there are no frustrating food restrictions like you have with metal braces. There are no adjustments, either. Just change from your current set of aligners to your new ones every two weeks. You only only have to come in on a six week schedule to have your progress evaluated. Otherwise, your time is your own.

The plastic construction of our Harlem Invisalign gives you outstanding comfort, the aesthetic plus of being unseen, and tremendous flexibility. What more could anyone ask? Call us today to arrange a time for a consultation.

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