Orthodontic Office in NYC

Orthodontic Emergencies in NYC

Orthodontic Office in NYC
Orthodontic Office in NYC

Many people undergo some kind of orthodontic treatment. Things like braces and retainers are quite common, and people use these orthodontic tools for a variety of reasons. Whether you need orthodontic treatment for cosmetic or medical reasons, you will need to come in for checkups and you will need to care for your oral appliances between visits. If something goes wrong and becomes damaged, you need to see your orthodontist immediately. Here at our orthodontic office in NYC, Central Park North Orthodontics, you can get the treatment you need for a wide variety of different orthodontic emergencies.

If something goes wrong with your orthodontic treatment, it can do a few things. Not only can damaged equipment harm the inside of your mouth and be uncomfortable to deal with, but it can also set back your overall orthodontic progress. For these reasons, it is important that you receive emergency care in case something happens. A few things may constitute an orthodontic emergency, such as a lost or broken wire/ligature, protruding wires, general mouth irritation or sores from brackets and retainers, loose, damaged or knocked-off brackets, warped retainers, or even if you are simply experiencing oral pain for an extended period of time. Here at Central Park North Orthodontics, we can take a look at the damage and assess the situation. From there, we can perform whatever you need right here at our orthodontic office in NYC to restore your comfort and your orthodontic treatment so you are no longer in pain and your treatment is back on track. Waiting too long to have issues such as those listed above can lead to tooth, gum, or inner mouth damage, irritation and abrasions. Plus, it can set back your treatment and require that you wear your braces for a longer period of time to make up for it.

If you have any kind of orthodontic emergency, please visit our orthodontic office in NYC immediately. Our expert staff here at Central Park North Orthodontics will make sure you get the care you need.

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