Orthodontic Surgery Upper West Side

Orthognathic surgery in Upper West Side

Orthodontic surgery Upper West Side
Orthodontic surgery Upper West Side
Dental care is essential. Everyone should see their dentist about twice a year for routine exams and cleanings while remembering to brush, floss, and eat healthy between visits. But dental care may often involve procedures that have nothing to do with cavities or cleanings. Some people are born with structural problems that can affect their dental health in significant ways, especially if it has an impact on the shape and function of their overall bite. Here a Central Park North Orthodontics we can help with such problems and implement orthognathic or orthodontic surgery in the Upper West Side where needed.

Orthodontic work is not just used to make smiles look better. It is often an attractive side effect, but the structure of a person’s teeth and their overall bite can have a dramatic impact on their dental health, not just their appearance or sense of self-esteem. In many cases, orthodontic work is undertaken to correct structural issues and help bites operate more effectively. Bites that are misaligned, crooked, or completely uneven can lead to severe dental issues. When a problem involves the structure of the jaw and upper row of teeth (what constitute a person’s bite) then orthognathic surgery is also needed. Orthognathic surgery refers to the jaw and surgery that can be implemented to make the jaw match up evenly and in a healthy manner. Orthognathic surgery is often paired with orthodontic work that adjusts the placement and alignment of the teeth as well. It is important that a person’s teeth and bite match up evenly to ensure optimal health and overall function. Here at Central Park North Orthodontics, we can provide orthognathic and orthodontic surgery in the Upper West Side in patients who need it and can help diagnose issues where problems may be apparent and treatment needs to be explored.

If you have a bite problem, you may need orthognathic and orthodontic surgery in the Upper West Side. Our specialists here at Central Park North Orthodontics while providing you with the expertise you deserve.

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