Orthodontist in Harlem


Is your son or daughter suffering from difficulty chewing during meals, or seeming to have an increased level of trouble enunciating words clearly? While these habits can often be cute at times, these signs can often be more than just a behavioral problem. Difficulty chewing food and trouble with speech are actually symptoms of a malocclusion being to develop within your son or daughters growing smile. Bite problems can happen to anyone due to certain childhood habits or even a simple genetic inheritance. The first step to stopping permanent harm from occurring due to these problems is a visit to your local orthodontist in Harlem at Central Park North Orthodontics.

Orthodontist in Harlem
Orthodontist in Harlem

Bite problems happen far sooner than many of us realize, and cause lasting damage at a very young age. Signs that your child needs orthodontic care includes trouble breathing through the noses that causes them to breathe through the mouth, changes in facial appearance, mild pain and discomfort when biting and chewing food, and teeth which have large gaps or are crowded on top of one another. Recent studies have shown that by delaying orthodontic care until the teenage years which many of us are more familiar with can cause further oral health problems which will require additional treatment later in life. The only way to insure your son or daughter grows into a healthy and beautiful smile is through preventive care with early treatment from your professional orthodontist in Harlem. Your dentist and orthodontists recommend that children receive regular check-ups by three years of age, and should occur at no later than seven years of age. By this point in your child’s life, your doctor will be able to provide a definitive diagnosis of the type and severity of your child’s malocclusion in order to determine the level of care required. The beginning stages of this care often includes a removable orthodontic device known as retainer which is made especially for your son or daughter’s unique needs. This retainer works to insure that any permanent teeth which have yet to erupt grow into their correct positions. By doing so, your doctor works to insure that your child spends even less time in braces for easier and more efficient orthodontic care.

For the very best in orthodontic care for your whole family, be sure to visit the experts at your neighborhood orthodontist in Harlem. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the Central Park North Orthodontics proudly serve your local community with the latest advances in oral technology and care for the very best in braces and Invisalign treatments alike. With early orthodontic care for your family from the Central Park North Orthodontics, you can insure a lifetime of beautiful smiles.

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