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Orthodontist in 10026
Orthodontist in 10026


It’s not easy to convince a teenager to wear braces. As necessary as it is to properly align the jaws and to straighten teeth, the cosmetic considerations and food restrictions can make even the most reasonable teen bristle at the thought. At Central Park North Orthodontics, we understand and we have a solution. With Invisalign, a system of clear, plastic aligners, your teen can have all of the benefits of traditional metal braces without the downside that is associated with it. Turn to our orthodontist in 10026 to help your teen achieve a healthier and better-looking smile without having to feel self-conscious or awkward.


Invisalign is a revolutionary advancement in orthodontics. Using 3-D computer technology, a series of aligners are made right here on our premises. Each one is designed to fit your teen with precision. A total of 12 to 48 are needed during the process, with each one being worn for about two weeks. The exact number will be determined by our orthodontist in 10026 and will depend on your teen’s unique circumstances. Every aligner serves a specific role in the overall strategy of moving your son or daughter’s teeth into a more ideal position.


Because it is clear and plastic, there are two big advantages that Invisalign offers. First, it is more comfortable to wear. The aligner won’t dig into your teen’s gums as can happen with metal braces. The second, and to your daughter or son, the most important plus is that the aligner is nearly invisible. Metal braces announce themselves even from a distance, but Invisalign can only be noticed when someone is right up close. And even then, only barely. Your teen will also feel more comfortable in photos. And we all know how many photos get taken today with phones. Our orthodontist in 10026 is pleased to make Invisalign available to your teen.


Aligners are worn all day and all night, even during sleep. They’re taken out only to brush, floss, and eat. But that’s important because it means no foods are off the table and you won’t have to be concerned about anything getting stuck in the aligner. Get started right now by scheduling an appointment with our orthodontist in 10026 to get your teen started on a new and improved smile.

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