Teen Invisalign in Upper Manhattan

Teen braces in Upper Manhattan

Teen Invisalign in Upper Manhattan
Teen Invisalign in Upper Manhattan

There is no more time period when our self-image is building and changing and when most of us are the most sensitive about our appearance than during the teenage years. During this time almost very part of the body is changing and any imperfection, especially on the face can be a deep problem for the adolescent to handle. If a simple pimple on the forehead is enough to drive a teenager to tears what are the consequences of a mouthful of crooked teeth? Luckily, ten braces and teen Invisalign in Upper Manhattan can resolve teeth and bite issues for a lifetime.

Our Central Park North Orthodontics practice serves the orthodontic needs of people of all ages but has a number of treatments geared especially to teenagers. We offer our teenage clients traditional metal braces that place metal brackets on the teeth and metal arch wires strung between the brackets to provide the tension that moves the teeth. For those patients that are sensitive to the metal look of traditional braces we can use ceramic braces that are almost invisible. These braces use clear or tooth colored ceramic brackets instead of metal and clear plastic arch wires. As an alternative to braces our practice offers Teen Invisalign in Upper Manhattan, which uses aligners, clear plastic trays, instead of brackets and wires to move the teeth. Our doctor will take impressions and 3-D images of the ten’s mouth, which Invisalign will use to custom make a series of aligners. Each aligner will be worn for two weeks and then be replaced by the next in the series until they are all used up.

Teen Invisalign in Upper Manhattan has two major advantages over either metal or ceramic braces, first the aligners are virtually invisible – nobody will know the teen is wearing them. Even though the aligners are worn 24 hours a day they can be removed for eating and tooth brushing, which means the user can eat whatever they want and brush and floss more effectively than with braces. Bring your teen into our office for a consultation to see if Teen Invisalign is right for your child.

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