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Orthognathic Surgery in Upper Manhattan

Upper Manhattan Dental Surgery
Upper Manhattan Dental Surgery
Struggling with average eating activities like, you know, biting and chewing? Yeah, there’s a good chance that takes the fun out of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In fact, that’s a strong indicator of a lack of proper jaw alignment. But don’t worry—it’s definitely fixable. Shoot Central Park North Orthodontics a call for Upper Manhattan dental surgery. Bring back the fun to wining and dining.

Of course, before jumping straight to the surgery route, you’ll want to really assess the full situation. A simple pain during eating could be attributed to other conditions. However, if you’re also going through the following symptoms: chronic joint pain (usually partnered with a headache), chronic mouth breathing, sleep apnea, inability to make lips meet (without straining), receding chin, and a protruding jaw, there’s a good chance you’re a strong candidate for corrective jaw surgery—also known as Orthognathic surgery. Ultimately, that evaluation should be run and concluded by a trained professional. Reach out to one of ours at Central Park North Orthodontics. After a series of x-rays, we’ll be able to determine whether or not you’ll need Upper Manhattan dental surgery. Many who undergo this procedure have reported improvement in speech, sleeping, joint pain, and chewing.

Doesn’t sound so bad, eh? That’s because it isn’t. If anything, this procedure drastically alters and improves your overall quality of life. But first thing’s first, you’ll want to determine if you need orthognathic surgery or not. Setup a meeting with us at Central Park North Orthodontics. Then we can assess your candidacy for Upper Manhattan dental surgery. If you’re a phone person, feel free to shoot us a call. And if not, you can still contact us directly through our website. Our staff prides itself on providing top-notch services while also creating a friendly environment that helps patients—new and recurring—feel right at home.

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