Upper Manhattan Early Orthodontics

Early orthodontic treatments in Upper Manhattan

Upper Manhattan early orthodontics
Upper Manhattan early orthodontics

Early orthodontic treatment is especially important in helping children and teens grow healthy and straight teeth as they get older. At Central Park North Orthodontics, our Upper Manhattan early orthodontics phase can help kids start their growing teeth off right. Kids should have their first orthodontic screening at age 7. This way potential problems can be caught early on and corrected before anything more serious happens.

During early orthodontic treatments, we first do a full exam of the child’s teeth to check for any potential issues such as overcrowding, overbites or underbites. If treatment is needed, a treatment plan will be enacted that can help alleviate any issues. Sometimes there is no treatment needed at all. When teenage or adult orthodontics are required, there are a few different phases. Phase I is the interceptive treatment, where potential problems are identified and intercepted. Goals of orthodontics are to help create room for crowded teeth, erupting teeth, protruding teeth and to reduce the need for teeth to be extracted. Also, interceptive treatment can cut down on the time that braces need to be worn for. Our Upper Manhattan early orthodontics method can help improve smiles and confidence this way.

Ask about our different types of braces. We offer anything from metal to clear braces, to plastic aligners. Our metal braces are high quality and have a low profile, while our clear braces are less noticeable, and our Invisalign braces great for those who desire a shorter treatment time. Our office is one of the most well known and long established practices in Manhattan for Upper Manhattan early orthodontics. Our space, a 2,800 square foot office, allows for the latest in technology and equipment to help give you the best orthodontic care. We provide digital charting systems, low radiation digital x-rays, and the highest standard in orthodontic care.

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