Upper Manhattan Teen Orthodontist

Braces for Teens in Upper Manhattan

Upper Manhattan Teen Orthodontist
Upper Manhattan Teen Orthodontist
At our orthodontic practice, Central Park North Orthodontics, we are very happy to be able to provide many different types of braces for teens. We know that all teens are not alike, and they certainly have their own preferences regarding which type of braces they want to wear. Our Upper Manhattan teen orthodontist knows that parents also may want to have their child receive a specific type of braces treatment if possible, due to their teen’s preference or due to budget restrictions.

Our Upper Manhattan teen orthodontist is Dr. Bradford C. Washington. Dr. Washington is a certified orthodontist, who is also a certified Invisalign provider. At our practice, we are able to provide both teens and adults with Invisalign treatment. Treatment with Invisalign is a very popular treatment option for teens because they are able to have their smiles corrected without anyone even knowing that they are receiving orthodontic care. Our teen patients are able to attend school, social gatherings, and possibly even school interviews, without anyone even knowing that they are having their smile corrected. Our Upper Manhattan teen orthodontist looks forward to meeting with you and your child and determining what is the best type of orthodontic treatment that is needed in order for them to get the orthodontic care that they need.

At our orthodontic practice, our Upper Manhattan teen orthodontist is able to help patients of all ages who have orthodontic problems. Sometimes these problems include bad bites, or crooked or spaced teeth. Other times, a patient’s teeth may be too closely spaced together, which is also a problem which should be corrected so that teeth and gums will be able to stay healthy throughout the patient’s lifetime. When patients come to us wanting to learn more about metal braces, they are very happy to learn that our metal braces are of the highest quality, and will be able to provide you with the best smile in the shortest amount of time. The metal braces of today are much smaller and sleeker than the metal braces of years ago. This means that today’s metal braces have a lower profile, and are not as visually overwhelming in the patient’s mouth. At our practice we also offer clear or ceramic braces for patients who want to have a more aesthetically pleasing braces option, but who are not being treated with Invisalign clear aligners. These ceramic braces are made of tooth-colored materials and are smaller than metal braces, and are much less noticeable in our patient’s mouth. For an appointment to meet with our expert orthodontist, contact us today.

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